I’ll take the muffin and coffee because they’re fucking delicious.  Fuck this “oh look, you could eat this and have so much less caloric intake” bullshit.  Eat what you fucking want to eat, and posts like this will continue to remain fucking stupid.
P.S. who has water for breakfast?  Don’t talk to me till I’ve had my coffee and orange juice.

Or you could make your own damn muffins, still have fruit, and drink coffe that doesn’t have some weird sugar-free non-fat latte bullshit. And if you ate 195 calories for breakfast, you would be hungry as hell before lunch. And that 600 calorie muffin would make you fall asleep.
So really, my choice is a bowl of goddamn cereal with a banana and whatever the hell else is in my fridge and I feel like eating.
What the fuck?

You guys, chill out. I made this for myself and to slow others comparisons. It isn’t supposed to be telling you not to eat what you want. It is just one example of two comparable meals (in amount of food, time needed, etc.) and I though it would be helpful for me. Honestly, I eat chocolate and shit for breakfast a lot. I am not saying that this is the only thing you should eat. Plus I love having water with my breakfast! Just don’t freak out over something that isn’t even yours.

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